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The Docklands

By Visit Dublin

20th April 2021

Whether you're looking for adventure on the water or want to immerse yourself in the capital’s rich history, Dublin’s Docklands has more than enough to keep you busy. It's all change hereabouts and there are old and new treats around every corner...

Dive into the delights of the area

Dublin’s Docklands has a few surprises up its sleeve for any day out in the city, whether you’re seeking the thrill of an adrenaline rush on the water, or looking forward to getting up close and personal with Irish history. It’s probably been too long since you made it your business to visit this part of town as a day-tripper; so we've got some ideas to make the most out of your day out.

11 Ways to Explore Dublin's Docklands  

An ideal day out is whatever you want it to be: that could be delving into history and getting a firsthand feel for what it was like to be an Irish emigrant; or recapturing the ultimate freedom of being carried along by the wind and the waves. No matter which appeals, Dublin’s Docklands has you covered with a variety of activities to keep you busy for hours...

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The Jeanie Johnston tall ship against the Samuel Beckett bridge

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

This is no dusty old collection of artefacts in glass cases: here you can explore, engage and connect with Irish history and culture in 20 interactive galleries. At EPIC, you'll go beyond the stereotypes to help discover what it truly means to be Irish, and what it means to leave Ireland when that seems to be the only choice... 

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Exhibition view of EPIC – The Irish Emigration Museum

The Jeanie Johnston

A prime example of the experiences reflected at the nearby EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, at The Jeanie Johnston you can follow in the footsteps those who fled the Great Hunger and sailed to North America on board this replica famine ship. Hear the stories of the thousands of Irish people who embarked on the treacherous voyage in the hope of a better life; and be transported back in time to join them on their gruelling journey...

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The Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship

Surfdock Watersports

Located on the Grand Canal Dockyard just five minutes from thes city centre, Surfdock offers a unique combination of activities, with a shop to get you kitted out with all the equipment to go with it. They teach paddleboarding, kayaking and windsurfing for beginners in the Grand Canal Dock; intermediate paddleboarding classes and windsurfing classes are also available for more experienced types. Whether you've never tried it, or can't wait to get back to it: now's the time to suit up and get splashing...

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Paddleboarding at Dublin's Docklands

A centre of great change and considerable redevelopment, it's also full of surprises: Dublin Docklands is worth another look if you haven't checked it out lately. From modern gleaming glass architecture to heritage buildings, historic trips back in time to sun and sport the Docklands doesn's disappoint. Best of all, it's only a stroll away from the city centre.

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