CHQ Dublin

Image of CHQ building at night time with blue lighting
The CHQ Dublin building is a retail and events hub on the banks of the the River Liffey and George’s Dock in Dublin City centre. CHQ stands for Custom House Quay.

The beautifully restored CHQ Dublin building is a bright and airy space with many cafés, restaurants and bars.

CHQ Dublin have a range of spaces to suit every gathering, from small intimate parties of 50 guests to large show stopping corporate events catering for up to 800 attendees. Attractions include EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, and Dogpatch Labs.

Positioned on Custom House Quay in Dublin City centre, the building was originally designed to store cargo. Tobacco and tea were kept in separate compartments above ground, wine and spirit casks were stored in the vaults below ground. The building was made famous when it hosted the Crimean War Banquet in 1856, celebrating the return of 3,000 Irish soldiers.