Urban Brewing

A stone walled room with a vaulted ceiling with wooden tables and beer barrels
Urban Brewing, in Dublin City centre, combines a brewery with two kitchens and two bars along with a sunny terrace. The core concept of Urban Brewing is to offer a multitude of experiences within the larger experience of sharing, tasting and experimenting with new flavours.

The restaurant at Urban Brewing is called the Stack A Restaurant, which was the name of the 200 year old vaulted CHQ building formerly known as Stack A. It is a smart casual restaurant suited to intimate small tables, social gatherings or larger groups of up to 250 people.

In the Taps & Tapas and Vault Bar you can share some tapas style dishes and taste their exclusive, onsite brewed beers, have a tour of the brewhouse, or simply drink your way through some of their limited edition beers.

Whilst beer is one of the passions of Urban Brewery, they have put just as much effort into sourcing their one hundred plus wines, which come from all over the world, and their extensive list of gins, whiskeys, liqueurs and other spirits.