Ireland's Eye Ferries

  • Family friendly
  • Cloudy days
Ireland's Eye Ferries run scenic boat trips around Ireland's Eye off Howth in North Dublin. You can also choose to stop and explore the picturesque island for an hour or two.

Ireland's Eye Ferries is a family run business, now in its 4th generation, offering boat trips from the fishing village of Howth in North Dublin. There are two main trips. The first is a scenic trip around Ireland's Eye lasting approx 40 minutes during which you see the Martello Tower, the cliffs and stack, sea birds (Gannets, Puffins, Guiellmots, Kittiwakes) and seals.

On the second trip you can land on the island and stay for a while and explore, climb to the summit for spectacular views, stroll along or relax on the beaches, find the ruins of a 5th century monastery and enjoy the peace and quiet away from the mainland. It only takes 15 minutes to get to the island and you can stay an hour or two.

The Ferries operate all year round.

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