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Located in Dublin City Centre, Waltons New School of Music is a comprehensive music centre, combining music tuition of the highest standard with innovative approaches to music education. Their renowned faculty includes some of the finest musicians and teachers in Dublin, and they offer tuition in a wide range of Irish traditional and folk instruments as well as Irish Music Tasters for bodhrán and tin whistle.

A renowned music centre located in Dublin City Centre, Waltons New School of Music offers expert Irish traditional music tuition including Irish Music Tasters, single Intensive Lessons and longer-term courses in a wide range of instruments (including singing).

Irish Music Tasters

Would you like to play real Irish music rather than just listen to it? At the New School, you can immerse yourself in a world of authentic Irish traditional music with a one-hour Bodhrán and/or Tin Whistle Taster class, both designed for absolute beginners. Online Tasters are also available.

An Introduction to Irish Music

What’s the difference between a reel and a hornpipe? Why did Queen Elizabeth I give orders to ‘hang the harpers, wherever found, and destroy their instruments’? What did the earliest fiddles look like? How do uilleann pipes actually work? What is sean-nós singing? These and other questions will be answered in a one-hour survey of Irish traditional music, which also includes demonstrations of different Irish instruments and recordings of great traditional musicians. Like the school’s Bodhrán or Tin Whistle Tasters, the Introduction to Irish Music is available both at the school and online.

Where do they happen?

In-person Irish Music Tasters take place at Waltons New School of Music, which is located in Dublin City Centre, five minutes’ walk from Trinity College and just around the corner from Dublin Castle. Online Irish Music Tasters can take place anywhere!

Irish Tradition & Folk Tuition

In additional to Irish Music Tasters, the New School offers expert music tuition, both in the form of single Intensive Lessons and longer-term courses, in a wide range of Irish traditional and folk instruments, and for students of all ages and skill levels. Tuition can take place either at the school or online.

Instruments and subjects taught include:

• Banjo (Irish/Tenor banjo & Bluegrass/5-String Banjo)

• Bodhrán

• Concertina

• Fiddle (Irish & Bluegrass)

• Irish/Wooden Flute

• Guitar (Trad, Folk & Blues)

• Gypsy Violin

• Harmonica

• Irish Harp

• Irish Music History

• Low Whistle

• Mandolin

• Sean-nós Singing

• Tin Whistle

• Trad Slow Sessions

• Traditional & Folk Singing

• Uilleann Pipes

More Information & Booking

For more information on Irish Music Tasters, as well as to book a Taster, go to www.newschool.ie/irish-music-tasters

For more information on Irish Traditional and Folk Music tuition with the New School, go to www.newschool.ie/traditional-folk-world-instruments

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