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Cool Things to Do in Dublin

By Visit Dublin

8th October 2014

Established music, fashion and design collective This Greedy Pig are like that friend with impeccable taste who you can rely on to show you what’s what. From their online store’s collection of paisley snapbacks and Komono watches to their on-the-button blog and collection of podcasts from some of the city’s finest DJs, this collective keep abreast of everything fashion-, culture- and music-related. We asked the Pigs to take some time from their busy schedules to show us the coolest things to do in Dublin...

Find a speakeasy

Do a Twitter or Facebook search for The Blind Pig, Dublin. That’s all we can really say. We could say more but where’s the fun in that. Great one for date night.

Try a world famous burrito

Okay we can’t testify to their world renown but the Boojum burrito is pretty damn incredible. Dublin and burritos don’t usually go hand in hand but trust us on this. There’s an art to burrito rolling and Boojum, located in the city’s Italian quarter (just off the Millennium Bridge), have it down. And if you find yourself in search of burrito satisfaction outside of the capital then they’ve got you covered with spots in Galway and Belfast.

Visit a world famous skateboarding spot

While some of the city’s most popular skate spots remain clandestine, for the travelling skater there are plenty of legal spots to check out in Dublin including SofD and Clive’s of Hill Street, and you’re only a DART ride away from the Greytones outdoor park. Look out for feature documentary Hill Street, charting the evolution of Irish skate culture, coming soon.

Blue and White graffiti saying U Are Alive

Take in some (street) art

Bansky isn’t the only artist from this side of the pond currently taking their work stateside. Irish artist Maser recently took to the streets of Chicago to collaborate on a project with poet Malcolm London but you can enjoy plenty of Maser’s work on the streets and buildings that make up the fine city of Dublin. There’s something about his work that makes it feel like part of the city itself, like it’s always been there, on that wall, forever. Maser’s They Are Us, a collaboration with singer Damien Dempsey, was a particular highlight for us but the more inquisitive will find plenty more work throughout the city.

Man with trophy standing outside 3FE Cafe in Dublin

Grab a coffee

Bet you didn’t know that Dublin offers some of the best coffee in the world? Forget the 'majors'... Dublin is leading the way in the new generation of coffee makers and drinkers. We know it’s easy and tempting to walk into one of the more familiar coffee serving establishments but seek out one of the more interesting shops, have a chat with the barista behind the counter (they’ve probably competed in the Irish Barista Championship) and enjoy a cup of coffee like you’ve never had before. 3FERoasted Brown and Vice Coffee Inc. are three of our favourites and a haven for hipsters in Dublin.

Enjoy some lunchtime theatre

Dublin has one of the strongest theatre scenes in the world and there’s nothing quite like enjoying a play over some tea at Bewley’s I on Grafton Street. Yes, we enjoy our tea just as much as we enjoy coffee. Throw in some cake and we're sold. The Bewleys Cafe Theatre opened in 1999 and has hosted all kinds of varied productions from literary classics to exciting new Irish writing. Give it a go and we guarantee you'll walk out thinking ’Why don't I go to more plays?'

Wander down Fade Street

There are plenty of famous streets in Dublin to wander down for various reasons, but the tiny Fade Street should be up there with the best of them. You can pick up some classics at R.A.G.E – a second-hand record shop and computer games emporium, pop into the Rothar Cafe for a strong coffee while you get your bike fixed, dig into some tapas at the Market Bar then cross the road for drinks at either The Bar With No Name (look for the snail) or Hogans on the corner of George Street. The wee Fade Street is a testament to what every corner of city centre Dublin has the potential to be.

All City Records

As well as being a highly respected record label, Dublin-based All City Records also run a shop that not only offers records, graffiti supplies and street wear but also has a barbers in store. 

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