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Game of Thrones Tours

Did you know that Northern Ireland is the most important film location for HBO's epic series Game of Thrones®?

The Dublin Winterfell Llcations Trek is a fully immersive experience. They provide Stark cloaks, replica swords, shields and banners at no extra cost.

The morning trek takes you through an 800 year old forest, visiting the Haunted Forest and the bridge where the Starks discover the dead Direwolf and her pups. The afternoon trek takes you to Winterfell from the first season, to Walder Freys twins, to Robbs camp in the Riverlands and to where Brienne confronts the three Stark soldiers.

In Ireland, winter is never far away. Winter is always coming, almost every day. Good walking shoes, good mobility, the energy to walk 4 miles and a spirit of adventure are all requirements for the tours. They're not for the faint hearted.

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