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Dublin Boat Tour

Dublin Boat Tour provide unique tour experiences along the River Liffey and in Dublin Bay. You will enjoy the city from a unique vantage point which will not be forgotten quickly. Dublin Boat Tour limit each trip to 6 people to ensure high quality, so it is recommended to pre-book in advance.

Dalkey Island Tour
About the Tour
On this tour, you will will depart from the historic Dun Laoghaire Harbour and make your way down the South Coast of Dublin Bay. As you make your way down to Dalkey you will pass places such as the Forthy-foot. On arrival at Dalkey Island, you will be able to enjoy this spectacular Island up close while spotting wildlife such as seals and goats.

As you make your way inward towards Dun Laoghaire you will get to enjoy the city from a unique perspective. Seeing the city while cruising Dublin Bay is a truly unique vantage experience which will not be forgotten quickly.

About Dalkey Island
Tucked away, just southeast of Dun Laoghaire Pier stands the beautiful and enchanting Dalkey Island. Dalkey Island is amazing for reasons that are simply innumerable.

Dalkey Island is steeped in history with the ruins of a church on the island dating back to the 7th century along with the more recent additions of a Martello tower and a Gun Battery! Nowadays the Island is a protected wildlife region which is remarkable to see up close as you pass by it from the sea.

Schedule: Daily

Individual tickets at €35 and private group bookings are €145.

Pre-booking is essential.

River Liffey & Dublin Bay Tour

Their River Liffey and Dublin Bay boat tour takes you on an unforgettable ride through the River Liffey and the heart of Dublin City. This tour brings you within feet of iconic Dublin sights along the River, allowing you to experience their beauty without the hassle of crowds.They limit each tour to 6 people, allowing for a more tailored and memorable experience.

This tour also brings you on an adventure around Dublin Bay which in its own right a remarkable tour. When outside the harbour you skipper will increase the speed and quickly bring you to the next location. This is a very enjoyable part of the tour as you will feel a thrill cruising around Dublin Bay at speed.

Schedule: Monday - Friday

Individual tickets at €45 and private group bookings are €185.

Pre-booking is essential.

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