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With your friends onboard, sharing My Dublin Map makes planning your visit so much more exciting...

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Two heads are always better than one, right? With this in mind, we have a great way to make planning your visit to Dublin all the more enjoyable – why not share the sights and experiences you have saved to My Dublin Map with some friends? 

As you create My Dublin Map, share that amazing film festival, pop-up restaurant or killer gig with your friends – and collaborate to find the best spots to eat, sleep, drink and see during your time in Dublin.

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Why invite your friends?

Inviting your friends to join you at Visit Dublin will make planning your trip more fun, and ensure you don't miss a thing during your time in Dublin. 

When your friends have registered, you will all be able to share all the things Pinned to My Dublin Map allowing you to make maps and itineraries that will help you make the most of what the city and surrounding area have to offer.