J.R. Mahon's

Front signage of J.R. Mahons
  • Family friendly
  • Dog friendly
J.R. Mahon's, in Dublin City centre, is an old hostelry steeped in the annals of Dublin’s licensing trade history. Today, this old beacon of antiquity has been transformed by publicans John and Robert Mahon, who have revitalised the spirit of the old house.

J.R. Mahon's is one of the iconic pubs in the heart of Dublin City, renowned for its in-house crafted beer of the same name. This establishment has garnered a reputation for its brewing expertise and lively atmosphere.

The pub often resonates with the sounds of lively conversations, with traditional Irish music and dancers creating an authentic local experience.

To accompany their brews, J.R. Mahon’s also provide a delectable menu of traditional Irish dishes and pub classics. Patrons can indulge in hearty meals like fish and chips, whiskey chicken, or beef stew, all of which perfectly complement the flavourful beers.