Iveagh Gardens

The fountains at the Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, County Dublin
  • Family friendly
  • Free to visit
  • Cloudy days
The Iveagh Gardens are located in Dublin City centre and considered a hidden gem. They were designed in 1865 and combine French formal and English landscape styles.

The Iveagh Gardens are one of Dublin City's least known parks and gardens. The gardens display a diverse collection of landscape features which include rustic grottos, sunken formal panels of lawn with fountain centre pieces, wilderness, woodlands, a yew maze, a rosarium, an American garden, archery grounds, rockeries and rooteries. Their history goes back 300 years.

The conservation and restoration of the Iveagh Gardens commenced in 1995 and to date, most of the features have been restored and includes pre-1860s rose varieties.

The water feature has rock samples from each of the 32 counties of Ireland.

Gardens close according to daylight hours.