Hang Tough Contemporary

Contemporary exhibition of paintings with mainly purple and blue hues
Colourful contemporary exhibition of art on walls of exhibition hall
Exhibition of contemporary portraiture
  • Family friendly
Hang Tough Contemporary is a sleek, well designed purpose fitted exhibition space in the heart of Dublin City centre. With large arresting windows, passers-by are given the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Ireland's rich and vibrant contemporary art scene.

Hang Tough have established themselves as experts in bespoke, archival framing, as well as being exhibitors of unique and innovative artwork.

Distinctive exhibitions were previously under the moniker of Hang Tough, however recent years have led to the emergence of a dedicated gallery space called Hang Tough Contemporary, located at 4 Exchequer Street in Dublin City centre.

This organic expansion has come about as a reaction both to the abundance of exciting creativity and talent that exists locally, along with a recognition of the pent-up appetite amongst the public for cultural engagement.

Through their gallery offering, they aim to provide a platform for both emerging and established visual artists, while simultaneously accommodating an experience where art can be appreciated.