Gilbert & Wright Wine Bar Swords

Gilbert & Wright Wine Bar Swords is a welcome addition to the nightlife on Dublin’s northside in the heart of Swords which has been attracting a regular clientele since it opened in late 2007.

Gilbert & Wright Wine Bar Swords, has a ‘70s retro atmosphere. The distinctive music of that era, helps you relax in comfortable surroundings. Quirky décor such as patterned wallpaper and lampshades and casual dining are a combination of this friendly bar.

Wrights Café Bar is split into a number of separate areas and levels. An upper level lounge, with dramatic red and cream furniture, dark wood tables and chandeliers, gives a distinctive bordello effect. Behind the bar, there is a secluded lounge that overlooks an open plan area below, complete with a purpose built stage area that is perfect for dancing to live music.

Wright’s Café Bar serves a wide variety of food daily ranging from Steak to Seafood. Lunch and evening menus and daily specials are just part of the service.

They have a superb selection of wines, spirits and beers from around the world, the finest champagnes, exciting cocktails and speciality coffees are always on offer while a wide diversity of food is served.

It’s a combination that’s been winning friends and influencing people in Swords and further afield for some time.

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