Twist of Irish

Three Irish dancers wearing Celtic dress performing with Twist of Irish
  • Paid car parking
  • Rainy days
Twist of Irish is an Irish dance experience in the picturesque coastal village of Malahide, County Dublin. This event is a memorable opportunity to immerse yourself in Irish culture and enjoy a lively dance performance.

The Twist of Irish Experience

in County Dublin, has professional Irish dancers who will guide you through the dance steps. They will ensure you learn the basics and get a taste of the traditional dances. These dancers are skilled and experienced in the art of Irish dancing, and they will be wearing full Celtic costumes, adding to the authenticity and visual appeal of the performance.

The specially choreographed dances performed by the professional dancers will showcase the grace, precision, and vibrant energy that characterize Irish dancing. At the end of the session, participants will receive a certificate as a memento of their experience.