Flanagans Restaurant

Flanagans is a popular restaurant located in the heart of Dublin city centre on O'Connell street. Right beside the famous landmark the 'Spire', Flanagans is also close to shopping, theatres, galleries and most of Dublins main attractions.

Flanagans Restaurant is located in the centre of Dublin city, right beside the 'Spire' landmark, as well as one of the main shopping districts including both thre Jervis Shopping Centre and the Ilac Shopping Centre. There is also multiple cinemas and theatre nearby.

Flanagans is a family run business since 1980, and has built a strong reputation among locals and visitors to the city as being a Great Traditional Irish Restaurant. Flanagans Restaurant has even featured in two best selling novels, Gretta Curran Browne's 'Ordinary Decent Criminal' and Tom Clancy's 'Patriot Games'.

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