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For PI, in Dublin City centre, pizza is an obsession. They focus on one thing, making delicious pizza the best way they possibly can, and each day trying to be a little bit better than they were the day before.

PI, on South Great Georges Street in Dublin City centre, use only the very finest 00 flour from Naples, Italy. They add just the right amounts of yeast, water, salt and, critically 72 hours of time, to enjoy an incredibly tasty and digestible dough. At 500 degrees Celsius their pizzas develop beautiful and distinctive charred blisters on the crust, known as leoparding, that captures that amazing wood fired pizza taste.

PI have experimented with every style and variety of tomato available in Ireland to find the best plump flesh, low acidity and sweet tomato taste. They are proud to champion Irish artisanal producers, and have developed deep relationships with their suppliers, ensuring they have the best of what's in season, all year round.