Easy Motion

Easy Motion, on the Mitchelstown Road at the NW Business Park, Dublin 15, is an electric vehicle specialist company supplying electric bicycles, scooters and mobility vehicles. It offers for rent and sale, environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective modes of transport to explore Ireland.

Easy Motion offers a clean alternate mode of transport to cars and buses at a fraction of the running cost. They provide sales, lease, hire and repairs of electric bikes and scooters. Located at the NW Business Park in Dublin 15, the store, showroom and warehouse are in a convenient location for customers to access their products, parts and services.

They offer a bespoke rental service to private individuals or businesses that wish to try a vehicle on their personal route or while travelling on holidays. There are various options and packages to choose from, ranging from long to short term electric bike rental or leasing. Renting one of the electric bikes is an ideal way to get a real feel for these products and how they might suit your journey.

Easy Motion have inhouse specialist mechanics who provide repairs and maintenance services on all brands of electric bikes or electric scooters.

Climate change requires a sustainable solution like the use of ebikes within the transport sector to reduce its effect. Easy Motion is a company committed to being part of the solution and support the shift towards a lower carbon footprint in Ireland.