Howth Adventures

Two people standing on the top of a hill on a sunny day
A boat with passengers passing by a rocky cliff
A group on bikes on a coastal path
  • Family friendly
  • Dog friendly
  • Cloudy days
Howth Adventures offers walking, hiking, e-biking and boat trips on the beautiful Howth Peninsula in County Dublin. Local guides, who know all the best viewpoints and beauty spots, will take you off the beaten track to discover the heart of this famous and striking Dublin Peninsula, with dramatic sea cliffs, blankets of wildflowers and hidden beaches.

Learn about the coastal habitats and wildlife of Howth Head, as well as hearing ancient tales from the area with Howth Adventures. Absorb the fascinating and personal stories from your guide as you make your way throughout the beautiful backdrop of this County Dublin fishing village.

For adventurous visitors to County Dublin, the Howth Safari is a 4 hour hike through the diverse and magical habitats of Howth, connecting you with the land, sea and the sky of the UNESCO Dublin Biosphere. A world away yet only 25 minutes from the city centre.

The Dublin Coastal Hike takes you to all the highlights and viewpoints on this part of the east coast of Ireland. Get local and coastal, immersing yourself in the amazing atmosphere of this ancient and famous village on a 3 hour easy paced hiking tour.

Enjoy the outdoor beauty of Dublin on the 3 hour Panoramic E-bike Tour. Travel to panoramic views away from the crowds, surrounded by nature and beauty. The local insight of Howth Adventures brings these classic locations to life, weaving history, nature, legends and tales with modern times.

Take a 1 hour rustic boat trip around Ireland's Eye on the Dublin Coastal Cruise. The island's natural beauty, scenery and wildlife are a must for nature lovers and the perfect family adventure. Spot the colony of seals around Ireland's Eye. See puffins, guillemots, gannets and many more while hearing about the amazing history of the area and the Dublin Bay Biosphere.

Have an exciting and inspiring day out with family, colleagues and friends on alternative, uplifting and exhilarating Howth Adventures. Guided hiking, walking, e-bike and boat tours. Enjoy private rustic dining at their Secret Garden off the famous Howth Cliff Path, with menus prepared by local restaurants.