National Famine Way

Bronze shoes sculpture along a walking route
  • Linear
  • Easy
  • 168.60km
  • 6 days
The National Famine Way is a 165km way marked walking and cycling trail. It commemorates a heartbreaking walk of forced emigration which took place in 1847 at the height of the Irish famine.

The National Famine Way begins at the memorial glass wall at Strokestown Park House and National Famine Museum, County Roscommon, and continues through six counties to EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin’s Docklands. The route is marked by more than 30 pairs of bronze children’s shoes.

A comprehensive official pack includes a passport and a ship ticket for one of the original famine families. There is a free app where you can follow the experience of 12 year old Daniel Tighe, with relevant audio and video centred around the bronze shoes. On completion of the route, official walkers discover the fate of their famine family and receive a certificate of completion.

Trail details

Long Distance Waymarked Way
Strokestown Dublin
Nearest town start:
Nearest town finish:
Start point:
Strokestown House
Finish point:
Dublin Docklands
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Car parking, shops, restaurants/cafés, accommodation, etc. in Strokestown
Car parking, toilets, café at trailhead