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While You're Here: Guinness Storehouse

By Visit Dublin

27th July 2020

Once you’ve quaffed your Guinness, don’t forget that you’re in the Liberties, one of the beating hearts of the city, says Totally Dublin editor Michael McDermott. You’d be missing out by not investigating its bounty of experiences…

Though Guinness Storehouse is certainly the area's primary draw (unsurprisingly, with it being the most popular attraction in the country), there's so much more to see on its doorstep. Meath Street is truly a street like no other; reminiscent of a bygone era in some respects. There’s street stalls hawking all sorts, independent butchers and grocers amid the constant chatter of a vibrant community – this is Dublin. Whether you want a weave, an iPhone cover or the latest kids’ gizmo, this is the place. Finding a shrine in the middle of a street is another peculiarity unique to the city. On Gray Street in the Liberties stands a Sacred Heart statue protected by a wrought iron canopy. It seems somewhat bizarre in the 21st century, but stands as a relic erected by parishioners in 1929. Down the road on James Street you’ll find the starting point for the famous Camino de Santiago route. Travellers heading off on the trail receive the first stamp on their Pilgrim Passport in St James Church.

Another unexpected sight in the city is a 150ft windmill – St Patrick’s Tower, which has a pear tree at its base. It stands just inside the Thomas Street entrance to the Digital Hub, and if you squint closely you’ll see a 4ft high depiction of St Patrick atop the onion-shaped dome.

St Audoen's Church and yard, Dublin
St Audoen's Church and graveyard

The Portlester Chapel and Cenotaph within St Audoen’s Church is another of those city secrets usually only unearthed by the most curious and intrepid of wanderers. Grub-crashing into a student campus is generally a no-no, but Luncheonette is one you have to make an exception for. This canteen within the National College of Art and Design serves some of the most scrumptious food in the city. Expect a sandwich, grain bowl or soup and coffee for under a tenner. They also welcome non-students, so you won’t need to fake being stressed out about assignments! 

Mother’s Tankstation may not be one of the best-known galleries in the city, but it’s home to some of the most interesting artists and exhibitions. The space is ‘intimate’ but this gallery has scaled its ambitions to international level – frequently connecting, travelling and being a player. Currently open by appointment only, contact them to get an eyeful of one of their exciting exhibitions.

Once you’re acquainted (or re-acquainted – whichever the case may be!) with this charismatic part of the city, be sure to check out Michael's other recommendations! Here are his itineraries for the neighbourhoods around Trinity and the Jameson Distillery.

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