O'Donoghue's Bar

One of Dublin's best known bars, O' Donoghue's Bar is strongly associated with The Dubliners, a famous Irish ballad group. This has helped it to become something of a mecca for traditional musicians.

O'Donoghue's Bar has a rich heritage and stands on a very historical site in Dublin City. Yet its more modern musical history is really the stuff of legends. Ask any Irish man to name the artists or bands that have shaped Irish traditional and contemporary music and The Dubliners will always comes up.

Christy Moore and The Dubliners have spent many a memorable night entertaining Dublin's music lovers in this bar. It is this spirit that is kept alive by today's musicians. It has an array of drawings and photos of Irish musicians adorning its walls. The pub serves soup and sandwiches only, all day every day. There is live music seven nights a week commencing at 9 pm and at 5 pm on Saturdays.