The Hole In The Wall Dublin

The Hole in the Wall is located at Blackhorse Avenue, near Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo. The pub is named after a tradition which existed here for around 100 years, the practice of serving drinks through a hole in the wall.

British soldiers who were forbidden to leave the Phoenix Park could still get their beer through the Hole in the Wall. In the 1950s, another inhabitant of the Park, President Sean T. O'Kelly, would come for a quiet drink. The pub is filled with presidential memorabilia. Originally a coach house dating back to 1610, the Hole in the Wall is as close as you'll get to finding a pub within the 1700 acres of the Phoenix Park. It is also recognised as being the longest pub in Dublin.

The Hole in the Wall was established in 1651, but has been run by the Mc Caffery family for over 40 years.