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Howth is magic and no better people to recount it’s story than with the Howth Historic Walking tour guides, Aveen and Marion. There’s no more fun way to learn about the rich history of the harbour and village. They will tell you about the Lords of Howth, the pirate queen, the Howth ghost and some of our famous residents and visitors over the centuries.

The Guides make the Howth story live for you, starting over 5,500 years ago with the earliest inhabitants and covering the invasions and battles that make up the DNA of the Howth people. Nobody else can tell the story with enthusiasm and humour.

Howth has its tragedies also, and they will tell you about some of the most dramatic shipwrecks and rescues. Bet you don’t know about Howth’s connection with the Titanic? Do you think Ireland’s Eye was the scene of a murder or a tragic accident? Go with them and you will go away enriched and entertained.

The tours start a minute from the Dart Station, opposite Howth Market. But to be sure of a tour, call 0852104600 and book. Tours cost €7 per person and last for one hour.

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