Old Music Shop Restaurant

Located just off Parnell Square, the Old Music Shop Restaurant is a contemporary and fresh space serving the very best of traditional Irish and European cuisine with a modern twist.

The Old Music Shop Restaurant, located on North Frederick Street, just off Parnell Square, is Dublin’s newest and coolest eatery. This light, bright and airy space is located in the space formerly occupied by Walton’s Music Shop, from which it gets its name. The restaurant serves the very best of traditional Irish and European cuisine prepared by our executive chef, Carlo Alambi.

Open from 8am to 10pm every day, the Old Music Shop transitions from bustling breakfast to luscious lunch and becomes the ideal location for an intimate evening meal. The restaurant has a most relaxing ambience having been designed in a contemporary style. This quiet retreat in the city centre offers a welcoming and comfortable haven for tired shoppers, business meetings and of course hungry food lovers. The restaurant also offers private dining rooms that can cater for up to sixty guests.

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