Howth Writing Workshops

Outdoor workshop
Writing material on bench
Benches for outdoor workshops
Visit Howth, write, stay, take an adventure in new places and old story. You are invited to write and explore the unique fishing village.

Howth Writing Workshops is a creative, welcoming group that gathers with visitors and community members alike. Every Friday from 10:00 - 13:00 Howth Writing Workshop meet in a beautiful venue with full views over Ireland's gem, Howth Harbour.

They write to prompts that lead them into their own life story, events, memories and relationships that are meaningful and important. They draw on the ocean, the islands, and the mountain around them.

Howth Writing Workshops share their work and support both the writing and the story. Most of all you will laugh and connect. People join the workshops from all over the world, some pop in, some write every week.

Join Howth Writing Workshops anytime, you will take an inward journey and new adventure when you visit in Howth. Tea and coffee are abundant.

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