Dublin's cafés

Dublin doesn’t just have a vibrant café scene, it also serves seriously good coffee.

This is thanks to a new crop of independent coffee roasters that specialise in different beans and blends.

If that’s the kind of coffee talk you need, then look out for any café serving 3FE, Cloudpicker and Imbibe, all quality Dublin-roasted beans.

Dublin has lots of different types of cafes. Places where you can sit and linger to your heart’s content. Others that serve specialist blends through a window hatch to queues of appreciative customers. Coffee to go and coffee to stay: you’ll find it everywhere in Dublin. And if you fancy a bit of nostalgia, try a coffee and cherry bun at Grafton Street’s historic Bewley’s Café, a Dublin institution.


Need a caffeine fix? You can explore more of Dublin’s superb cafés.