Bruxelles is located just a step away from Grafton Street, Dublin’s busiest shopping thoroughfare. It has an impressive Victorian interior and a history that dates back to 1886.

Bruxelles was originally known as The Grafton Mooney, part of the Mooney chain of Victorian pubs from 1886 to 1973.

Since those early days Bruxelles has become synonymous with the new Dublin music scene.

Bruxelles Bar played such a huge part in the birth of the Irish music scene. From Skid Row to Thin Lizzy, this became their second home around the late 1960’s-early 1970’s. When the bar extended into what is now The Flanders bar, its part in the lore of Irish rock was established.

Bruxelles is the ideal venue for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Don’t forget to try the Galway Mussels!

It’s a sports bar and a music bar, with djs in three bars and regular live music. If you don’t have a ticket for the big game see it in Bruxelles.

With its terrace banter, cold beer and cosy surroundings Bruxelles is an ideal meeting place.

Sit in the Saloon Bar and absorb the atmosphere or outside and watch the lively street scene pass by.

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