Travelling Languages

Travelling Languages is an ACELS accredited school of English with an innovative method. We teach English while travelling around Ireland. Each travelling programme has teachers and 1 native speakers to every 5 students.

Travelling Languages is a quality school of English, accredited by ACELS and based in the hearth of Dublin. The school is in the building on Clare Street where Samuel Beckett’s family had their office. Beckett himself lived in a small room on the top floor.

Travelling Languages combines traditional classroom tuition with a busy social programme that ensures total immersion while travelling around Ireland and the pleasure of engaging with native speakers. Travelling Languages is the only language school in Ireland with this exclusive teaching method.

The school includes one extra native speaker on top of a class teacher for every 5 students so that they are always surrounded by native speakers and they have to engage in English. We guarantee 200 hours of English exposure in 2 weeks.

We provide a tablet to each student so that they can do extra activities while travelling. Students can watch more than 30 movies on the tablet and also access our on-line learning platform for free.

All lessons are student centred, focus on student needs and cover the 4 skill areas, reading, writing, listening and speaking. During the course students are constantly assessed by experienced and certified teachers. Students are encouraged to speak English 24/7 even if it is difficult and challenging. The aim is to immediately put the language into practice from the moment they arrive.

Several different courses are available all tailored to students' individual needs. Students can choose between traditional courses in Dublin in the morning or in the evening, English and work experience, hyper-intensive travelling programmes, exam preparation courses and English courses for families.

No matter which course you choose, it is an experience of a lifetime with highly qualified teachers, welcoming staff and warm and personalised service.