The Purty Kitchen

The Purty Kitchen with adjoining loft Music Venue has a historic legacy for great food and excellent live music.

The venue changed hands in 2012 and the new owners made a decision to reclaim The Purty's former glory. Since then the pub has gone from strength to strength. In June 2013 it was awarded Dublin's Best Gastro Pub at the Irish Restaurant Awards.

Specialising in Craft Beers it has also gained credibility amongst the tough beer audience, featuring brews from tiny and remote Irish breweries to the more famous craft ranges from Holland and Belgium. The Purty Loft under went a a massive refurbishment and returned to form as a live music venue in February 2013.

You can now enjoy live music in The Purty Loft every weekend, this includes their Saturday Supper Club Dinner and Show Package which features some of Ireland's top big bands performing soul, jazz funk and occasionally folk and Irish.