The Best of Dublin - Highlights & Hidden Corners – Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours of Dublin

A tour group outside a stately building on a busy city street
A board walk lined with flowers and plants along a river in a city
A close up of a stone circular tower that is part of a castle
  • Family friendly
  • Cloudy days
The Best of Dublin – Highlights & Hidden Corners - Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours of Dublin is an exceptional and easy going tour, and is one of the best introductions to Dublin City’s rich history and culture. Enjoy this small group experience as the maximum number on this tour is limited to 16 people, and is often less. Additional guides are provided where required.

The Best of Dublin – Highlights & Hidden Corners guided walk takes you to many of Dublin City’s icons and also brings you to some wonderful hidden spots too. If you are looking for a comprehensive tour that introduces you to the best of the city centre, on both sides of the River Liffey, then this is the tour for you.

Starting from Dame Street, you will wind your way through the former Viking and Medieval Quarter, including Dublin Castle and Christ Church Cathedral, before wheeling through Temple Bar and across to the River Liffey to the north side of the city and onto the main historic street, O’Connell Street. You will pass by the General Post Office, which housed the headquarters of the rebels of the 1916 Rising, which resulted in the then destruction of this building and almost the entire street and surrounds. You will finish at Trinity College and the former 18th century Houses of Parliament.

All these places certainly have their interesting histories, but the human stories associated with them often capture more than just their eventful past. The dedicated guides will share their love for the city with you and make you feel like a true Dubliner.

To crown all this, the tour will also introduce you to many secret gems and surprises that visitors and even Dubliners often miss. Find Dublin City’s first, but now defunct, cinema, a church that’s not a church and a former Lisbon tram now serving as a café. Discover an amusing representation of a Da Vinci painting, feel the bounce of a wobbly bridge and enjoy the tale of a post box that represents Ireland’s transition to independence. And, not forgetting, a stark naked representation of a very famous 18th century composer.

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