Viking Legacy Trails

A dog posed with a Viking helmet and shield
A Viking long boat on a dark evening
  • Family friendly
  • Dog friendly
Walk with your Viking Legacy Trails guide through Viking medieval Dublin City. Peel back the contemporary to reveal the ancient history through stories, myths and legends. The duration of the walking tour is approximately 2 hours.

With your Viking Legacy Trails guide, discover Dublin City's development from a small Gaelic settlement to a thriving Viking town at Wood Quay, and on through the centuries to the multicultural capital city it is today.

On the tour you will visit sites and locations of major significance in Dublin City's Medieval Quarter. This exciting adventure is entertaining with your guides wearing full Viking warrior costume. They share their historical knowledge, local lore, myths and legends in a light and easy to absorb way, while providing you with lots of fun photo opportunities along the way to capture the memory of the day.

The tour is an interactive experience and suitable for all ages.