Pat Liddy's Walking Tours of Dublin Ltd

A walking tour group and guide outside a stately building on a busy city street
A boardwalk lined with flowers and plants along a river in a city
A large cathedral under a blue sky
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Pat Liddy's Walking Tours of Dublin offer both public and private walking tours of Dublin City. Historian Pat Liddy and his team of highly trained, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic guides will point out the city’s myriads of hidden gems and their intriguing stories, as well as many of the more famous places. Pat Liddy himself is an Irish artist, historian, author, illustrator, mapmaker and environmental lobbyist who has helped to make Dublin a global tourist attraction.

The very streets of Dublin City are alive with history and little nuggets of wonder. There is no better way to experience all this living history than with Pat Liddy's Walking Tours of Dublin, walking through the streets of the city guided by an expert with knowledge and insight. These memorable tours show how far Dublin has come during its 2,000 year old history, from ancient Celts and Vikings to the Norman and early English colonisation, from all the struggles for independence right up to the modern day.

Tours can be arranged in advance in English, German, French, Irish and Spanish, subject to availability of guides. Starting points will vary depending on the tour.

These tours will often bring you to places of interest rarely seen by the average tourist. Learn something new about the Dublin you thought you knew.