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Monty's of Kathmandu

Monty's is a traditional and authentic Nepalese Restaurant, owned by husband and wife team of Shiva and Lina Gautam. Monty's of Kathmandu prides itself on its commitment to producing the finest,traditional Nepalese dishes with authentic ingredients served in intimate, friendly surroundings brimming with enchanting eastern charm.

Contrary to popular belief Nepalese food is not the same as Indian but has a unique flavour all of its own. All of Monty's chefs are natives of Nepal and can be relied upon to always produce that special taste of the exotic that you'd expect from natives of the world's highest kingdom. It's no wonder that Nepal delivers with its cuisine since the country sits between two of the culinary giants of the world, China and India.

Monty's of Kathmandu offers a great variety of Nepalese food at great value with great Nepalese service, where the customers are always treated with great respect.

The focus is to source quality raw ingredients and prepare all dishes in house, taking no short cuts and serve great Nepalese food. Monty's use traditional charcoal tandoor to give that smoky taste to its barbecued dishes and to its famous Nan breads.

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