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Everest Language School

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If you want to learn English in Dublin, Everest Language School is the place for you. Located in the heart of Dublin city centre, Everest language school offers the best teaching combined with the most fun and interesting social events.

Everest Language School is Dublin’s first school to base all academic decisions on linguistic research done within the school. The School has been set up by three teachers Anne-Marie, Maria and Rob with the goal of providing students with an unforgettable experience in Dublin and to help them achieve their language objectives.

Everest offers a number of courses for adults to help them improve their English and to prepare for exams. Courses include General English, IELTS, CAE and FCE preparation. Students can chose between intensive, full-time and part-time courses. This school also offer beginners and improvers Spanish evening courses.

Why should you study in Dublin city centre?
Dublin is an incredible city full of culture with a great nightlife. This school has an active social programme so that you can really benefit from being the centre of the city. Every week students visit museums, galleries and exhibitions. These social activities are free and are organised by the school staff, they are guided by English speakers so you can continue learning inside and outside the classroom.

What is a teacher-owned school?
Everest was founded by 3 language teachers, Anne-Marie, Rob and Maria. There is no outside influence and the teachers make all the decisions in the school, always prioritising the progress of the students. All teachers have years of experience and have used this experience to develop a unique syllabus.

Why is our research important?
The Director of Studies in Everest, Anne-Marie Connolly, has just completed her PhD in Trinity College Dublin. This PhD focused on the cognitive benefits of learning a second language as an adult. Everest, in collaboration with other universities, will continue to study the benefits of language learning and will study the best ways for you to improve quickly.

Why study in a smaller school?
Everest is not one of the big schools in Dublin. It is a smaller school with smaller class sizes. The advantage of a small school is that it is a lot easier to make friends. This is the kind of school where all the staff and students know each other. The smaller classes give students the chance to ask all the questions they want and get individual attention from their teacher.

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