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14 Henrietta Street

Henrietta Street is the most intact collection of early to mid 18th century houses in Ireland. The stories of #14 and the street mirror the story of Dublin and its citizens. When entering 14 Henrietta Street, guests will experience over 300 years of city life, a journey from its grand Georgian beginnings to the tenement dwellings of its later years.

A tour of Henrietta Street is an intimate journey that connects to the personal stories of the house's former residents. You will hear their voices and learn about children's games, the camaraderie, the hardships and their resilience. You will see recreations of the living quarters, learn of the hidden histories and how social change impacted the residents over time. The stories are recreated with immersive rooms, audio and film.

Dublin City Council acquired the house in 2000 and the idea for a museum telling the story of tenement life came into being. Work began to peel back the layers and find out who had been there before.

The house is built over five floors, with a railed-in basement, brick vaulted cellars under the street to the front, a garden and mews to the rear and a coach house and stable yard beyond.

14 Henrietta Street is only accessible by guided tour. Pre-booking is advised.

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