Purr Café

A woman enjoying a coffee while looking at the cats playroom at Purr Cafe
Three kittens looking out from their bed in the playroom at Purr Cafe
A ginger kitten sitting in a basket in the viewing room at Purr Cafe
  • Family friendly
Purr Café in North Brunswick Street is part of the Phibsboro Cat Rescue Centre. This vegan café welcomes visitors to meet their cats and kittens in the kitty play room.

Purr Café is a vegan café located at the Phibsboro Cat Rescue Centre located in central Dublin. They offer hot and cold beverages, soup, sandwiches, salads, cakes, cookies and ice cream.

They welcome visitors to meet rescued cats and kittens in the kitty play room where the cats and kittens eat, sleep, play and roam freely with a separate but connected viewing room where you can relax in comfort. Purr Café asks that visitors understand that everything is on the cat’s terms – they will come to you if they wish to be petted, otherwise they ask visitors to respect their wishes of the individual cat.