Oriel Gallery

Image of six paintings on a wall and stairs on the right hand side
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The Oriel Gallery on Clare Street in Dublin City is the oldest independent gallery in Ireland. It specialises in 18th to 21st century paintings, drawings and watercolours.

The oldest independent gallery in Ireland, the Oriel Gallery was established in Dublin City at a time when Irish art was all but virtually discounted.

Founded in 1968 by Oliver Nulty, the Oriel Gallery set out to exhibit, promote and sell Irish paintings. The Oriel is located at 17 Clare Street, Dublin City, in a large Georgian house which resides beside the National Gallery.

The Oriel has mounted many solo and group exhibitions over the years, featuring pieces by various Irish artists. It contains a permanent collection of 20th century Irish landscapes.

A niche is reserved for contemporary and abstract paintings by such artists as George Campbell, Colin Middleton, Gerard Dillon, Gretta O'Brien and Louis le Brocquy.