Little Gem Records

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Little Gem Records, located next to Stephen's Green, stocking one of the best selections of independent music in Ireland including second hand vinyl and collectibles.

Little gem is an independent record shop and label.

Based in the basement of 18 Kildare street next to Stephens green, they support underground music by dealing primarily in the best independent releases across all genres of music from artists and labels far and near.

Little Gem host all ages concerts and afternoon tea performances as well as full gigs and small festivals across Dublin city.

As enthusiastic musicians and producers they also stock a range of musical instruments including a line of new state of the art synthesizers from Teenage Engineering in Sweden, along with other vintage instruments and analog recording equipment.

In 2014 they invented their own new music format – the little gem player, which is a release specific high quality audio player that requires no additional system to play.

Simply plug it into your headphones or any existing stereo system to enjoy an album, EP, compilation, single, audio documentary or some of the experimental endless tape releases.

LP's, Tapes and CD's are important to Little Gem Records and they also stock record players, stereos, walkmen, disc players and other devices used for enjoying music.

Also lots of cool stuff like custom tees, zines, prints, totes, buttons and some very rare and collectible LP's.

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