James Joyce Centre Dubliners Tour

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Join us for a walking tour of historic Joycean Dublin and take in some of the monumental and ordinary sights and sounds of the city in which Joyce staged all his works.

The 'Dubliners' tour takes a look at Joyce's most accessible work, which was influenced by many real characters and address to be found in the local area. It skilfully treats both turn-of-the-century Dublin and Joyce’s surroundings in continental Europe where the stories were written. The tour examines Joyce’s life in Dublin and the Dublin he created in his stories, as well as looking at how the city has commemorated it's famous son. Joyce’s Dublin was a city of politics and intrigue, of religious devotion and disaffection, as well as a city in which the pressures and ties of family and society were never far off.

The tour starts from the James Joyce Centre and finishes near Trinity College.