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Foraging in Dublin

By Visit Dublin

12th September 2014

Foraging is in the Irish psyche – the idea of working with what you have is something that’s stuck with people, even in the centre of the city. We asked foraging expert and restaurateur Paul Quinn of Nádúr Collective to take us through some of the things you can find in Dublin, from Scurvy Grass to Elderflower. Then we asked Katt Frank to turn what he told us into this beautiful illustrated guide...

If you haven’t time to forage, that’s fine too – there are plenty of places in the city for you to try locally-foraged fare. Brook's Hotel on Drury Street is one such establishment where head chef Patrick  McLarnon sees foraging as a way of life.

But nothing compares to the simple joy of cooking something you found yourself, so get out into the Irish countryside and try it yourself, and if you’re unsure of what you’ve found, take a picture and share it with other foraging enthusiasts online - you're sure to find out something fascinating about your foraged treasure.

Illustration about foraging in Dublin

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