Easirent car and van hire is one of the leading low cost vehicle rental companies comprised of a 5000 plus fleet of vehicles, friendly customer service and nearly 40 popular airport and city locations in Ireland, UK and USA.

Easirent is a low cost car and van rental service provider, through its leadership, innovation and its fast paced branch extensions, it is transforming the rental industry. Easirent own and operate more than 35 branch locations from airports to cities across Ireland.

Easirent's success is driven by a commitment to delivering a friendly, more relaxed experience through customer focused sales, loyalty recognition and its personal collection service. Through its marketing campaigns, Easirent are changing the face of car rental, by stripping back the terms and conditions and showing a clear picture with all the options to its rental customers.

Easirent work with local and global brands and platforms to make sure it continues to grow.

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