Dunne & Crescenzi

Dunne and Crescenzi is a restaurant located in Dublin city centre. It provides breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, in addition to serving award winning coffee all day.

Dunne and Crescenzi, located in the heart of Dublin City, County Dublin, is one of the foremost Italian restaurants in Ireland. It is owned by Eileen Dunne Crescenzi and Stefano Crescenzi, they brought the traditions and values of Italian cooking to the Irish people.

Initially Dunne and Crescenzi was primarily a wine shop, stocking over 150 wines from every region of Stefano’s native Italy and serving some cold Antipasti and Cheeses. Soon, however, it was clear that it was morphing into a favourite destination for lunch and gradually they realised expansion, both in shape and form, was necessary. Having secured the adjacent premises, they have now created a bigger, but still intimate dining space. Simple Italian wooden tables and chairs furnish a large space with wine, pasta, oils and vinegars piled to the roof on shelves all around.

The menu, though Italian, uses the best in Irish beef and local organic vegetables. The room is buzzing with politicians and students, lunching ladies and the literati. What better place to enjoy simple food, late into the evening with a bottle or two of Amarone. A real Dublin gem and a member of Good Food Ireland.

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