Dublin Mini Coaches & Chauffeur Drive - Day Tours

Dublin Mini Coaches and Chauffeur Drive are committed to delivering quality tours to Galway, Belfast, Armagh and the Giant's Causeway. Experienced professional drivers offer a variety of tour options to groups of four or more.

Services and Facilities: Dublin Mini Coaches offer full day, half day and evening tours from Dublin for groups of more than four persons which includes a Dublin city centre tour, a North Dublin Coastal Tour, a South Dublin Coastal Tour etc.

The company also offers a large section of half day, full day and evening tours from Dublin to various locations across Ireland.

Tours to Northern Ireland include Belfast, Armagh City, the Giant's Causeway and the Mourne Mountains.

Dublin Mini Coaches also run a private regular weekend service to Belfast. These depart at 17.30 from the Tourism Office in College Green, Dublin 2. Optional extras can be shopping in Belfast City Centre, undertake political studies etc.

The company can also offer longer tours as Dublin Mini Coaches offer an extensive weekend tour program for groups from Galway and the Aran Islands and extended and private customised tours of Ireland.

The company touring philosophy is to take the clients behind the tourist facade, down the smaller roads, through country lanes and cobbled streets and away from the tourist masses.

Dublin Mini Coaches also works with schools for educational tours to visit museums, historic buildings, forests etc and with sports events and teams.