Custom House Visitor Centre

Exterior view of Custom House
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Visit the Custom House Visitor Centre and discover the fascinating history of Dublin City's Custom House. The 18th century architectural masterpiece by James Gandon stands sentinel over the River Liffey. The Custom House Visitor Centre explores the stories connected to the building and encompasses 230 years of Irish History.

The Custom House Visitor Centre in Dublin City, delves into the building, burning and restoration of the Custom House, while also encompassing the history that was unfolding throughout its existence. The Custom House witnessed not only the development of a great city, but also some of the most turbulent milestones in its history, from the Act of Union to the War of Independence. The building was destroyed by a fire in 1921 and later restored to its former splendour. The exhibition gives an insightful context to Ireland's history, revealing a rich story that spans over 200 years.

The Custom House Visitor Centre is a multi-sensory experience, with audio benches, visual displays and interactive screens to greatly enhance the visitor experience, as well as the stonemasons' trail for children to enjoy.

The exhibition at the Custom House Visitor Centre can be viewed through a self-guided visit or with a guided tour.

Audio guides and information leaflets are also available in English, Irish, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Mandarin and Ukrainian.

The River God Tour delves into the mythology and symbolism of the river God heads that adorn the outside of the Custom House. Irish sculptor, Edward Smyth, designed and carved 14 riverine heads on the keystones of the Custom House. These faces have become synonymous with the building and the guides are delighted to be able to offer this tour along with other guided events at the Custom House Visitor Centre.

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