Creative Journaling for Wellbeing

Sunday, 11 August 2024

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About this event

Do you ever get overwhelmed by thoughts and do not have time to put pen to paper? Do you ever think, I know journaling would help me, but I don’t have the time? I would love to start a journal but don’t know where to start!

After the success of their Artist Way workshop last year, they are delighted to have Margot back to give a creative journaling workshop. Margot will explain what creative journaling is, why do we journal and what are the benefits to be gained from creative journaling.

You will do various exercises in relaxation and connection and then exercises in self-reflection, analysis, and how to build the muscle of expressing our inner world so that it brings clarity, regulation and personal growth and development.

Readers are advised to check with the venue before relying on the details published here.

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