Black Church Print Studio

Black Church Print Studio is one of the leading contemporary fine art print studios in Ireland. They offer courses and workshops over a weekend or over several evenings. Panel discussions and exhibitions are also open to the public.

Black Church Print Studio was established in 1982 as a non-profit organisation and is grant-aided by the Arts Council. Today the studio provides professional printmaking facilities for an increasing number of members and non member artists. Artists have access to etching, lithography, screen print and relief presses, and to multi-media equipment. A computer system allows artists to manipulate and generate images that can be output directly onto archival paper or transferred to screen print and photo etching processes for printing in the traditional manner.

As well as providing facilities for members, the studio is open to artists wishing to use print as an ancillary activity. For example, they have assisted artists in the production of etched metal, which was later incorporated into sculpture. Painters have used the facilities to screen print onto canvas, board, and plaster walls.

Courses and workshops are offered either as 2 day weekend courses or weekly, over several evenings. Many courses cater to beginners and you can organise an outreach programme at your venue or school. Try your hand at screen printing, etching, relief and book binding, plate lithography, photo etching, woodblock printing, lino printing and collograph.

Exhibitions and panel discussions by artists are also held at Black Church Print Studio. Their open door policy provides access to the public through artistic and education programmes.

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