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Discover Dublin in 2018

By Visit Dublin

28th November 2017

We've always known Dublin is a great place to visit but don't just take our word for it! Recently named as one of National Geographic's Best Trips 2018, Dublin is described as ‘Europe’s largest village’. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the city, savour the best of local food or take a tour and discover a city steeped in history.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on for five great reasons to add Ireland's capital city to your 2018 travel wish list...

Let us lead you through the streets of Dublin

Take a stroll and uncover Dublin's historic catherdrals and churches. Walk the pavements of the city's vibrant streets buzzing with performers and characters, and pitstop along the way in a traditional pub, but not before a visit to 'the Dead Zoo'.

Discover Dublin highlights as you stroll from St. Patrick's Cathedral to the National History Museum — just one of many intriguing routes we have laid out for you as you explore our city.

A couple enjoying the Natural History Museum
Dublin, a city of music

Our city is a musical city and boasts a wealth of venues showcasing everything from electronic beats to rock and roll, every day of the week. Take your pick of live music as you meander around the city and experience the sounds of Dublin.

Find out more about Dublin's venues, from festival hotspots to initimate gigs. When it comes to music, the city has it all.

Foodie heaven

Dublin is a food lovers' dream and with an ever-increasing focus on using locally sourced, quality ingredients, there is no shortage of great places to chow down. The city is overflowing with cuisine to make your mouth water — from street food to sit-down feasts.

Read more about the tastiest spots in town, and treat your tastebuds to new twists on traditional Irish recipes.
A party enjoying dinner at the Woollen Mills Restaurant

Dublin’s Discovery Trails

Take in the city at your own pace and be guided by the Dublin Discovery Trails app. Explore the itineraries and choose one to suit your trip and interests — from key historical spots with stories of rebellion and war, to a walking tour of Dublin's castles and parks.

Find out more and download the free Dublin Discovery Trails app.

Talking statues

James Joyce and Oscar Wilde — just two of the great Irish names immortalised in metal and stone across the city. Dublin's statues have silently peppered the streets for years, but now in in 2018, some have been given a voice! So if you've ever wondered what Dublin's most famous statues might be able to tell you if they could talk... wonder no more. 
Visit 10 of the capital's most familiar icons for a  chat and hear their dramatic stories brought to life.
Statue of Oscar Wilde, Dublin
Finally, check out the Dublin Pass for an efficient and cost effective way to get you to and from Dublin Airport and into a vast number of our famous attractions.