Viking Splash Dublin

A passenger boat moored at a pier
  • Family friendly
Roar your way through Dublin City with Viking Splash Dublin. Enjoy an exhilarating guided tour on land and water provided by one of Ireland’s most unique sightseeing experiences.

Let Viking Splash Dublin, in Dublin City, show you the wonderful sites and scenes of the capital city from a DUKW. First built by General Motors during World War II, a DUKW is an amphibious six wheel drive vehicle shaped like a boat. They were once used for transporting goods and troops over land and water.

The Viking Splash Dublin tour ensures you not only hear about Viking Dublin, but also see historic sites including, St Patrick’s and Christchurch Cathedrals, Trinity College Dublin and Georgian Dublin. The climax of the tour sees the DUKWs splash into the water at the Grand Canal basin for a short cruise, passing by the recording studios of U2. The Viking Splash Dublin tour guides provide a fun, informative, engaging and unforgettable tour experience.

Group tour bookings are also welcome. Children under three are not permitted on a Viking Splash Dublin tour.