TRPY Melodic Techno at Opium - by TRP

Friday, 8 March 2024

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Opium Live

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About this event

Escape the chaos and find your zen at TRPY. Step into the dream gardens filled with the finest Melodic Techno music all night long.

- Phantom - With Deep, Melodic chill sets opens the night setting up the right mood.

- Raffb - with years of experience and many soulful sets in radios he deploys this experience to the garden for the first time.

- Connect - This well knonw DJ / producer in the Irish scene brings her own great style to our decks.

- Not Related: Known for their strong and trippy techno groove in melodic back-to-back sets with powerful bass lines.

Here, there's no rush—just a dancefloor for getting lost in your own mind. The emotional music invites you to enjoy heavenly vibes rather than intensify. When you leave, you'll feel renewed from reconnecting with yourself through sound. Opium Garden becomes a sanctuary of music—TRPY is both Therapy and TRipPY.