Tailored Talk

Two people enjoying the countryside views
A view of inside the library of Trinity College Dublin
Tailored Talk offer bespoke tour experiences around Ireland with a particular focus on Dublin. Delivering intricate historical narratives in easy to digest humorous tales from around the city and country. Online discussions are also available to a visitor or business looking to improve their knowledge of Ireland.

Explore a selection of guided tours that will engage and entertain you with Tailored Talk. Tours are given by professional guides with an academic background in history, archaeology, anthropology, politics and literature. Discover ancient sites on an archaeological tour or take a captivating walk through Dublin’s revolutionary past.

Experience The Sacred Text tour, where you can see ancient manuscripts and sacred books of Dublin and walk in the footsteps of great Irish writers. Take The Flavoured Walk tour and taste your way around the streets of Dublin City visiting new and exciting artisan businesses within the local food industry.

Enjoy a relaxing stroll through some of Dublin’s landmark attractions including the Chester Beatty Library, the National Library of Ireland and Trinity College Dublin.